1 Article, 2 Podcasts

A brief synopsis of what I've been up to lately...

I wrote a story about Dropbox's code review process for the iOS at Scale issue of objc.io. I've previously written about how great a resource objc.io is for iOS developers, so it was an honor to be invited to contribute. This month's issue focuses on the unique problems large teams and apps face, and some of the processes used to mitigate those problems.

I recorded an interview with the organizers of NSNorth, Phil Casgrain & Dan Byers, for their speaker series podcast. I really like Phil & Dan's idea of recording a quick interview with each of their conference speakers, to give attendees a chance to get to know who will be presenting at the conference.

I was also interviewed by Maurice Cherry on the Revision Path podcast. Revision Path is a phenomenal weekly show that features the stories of black designers and engineers - many of whom would not otherwise get a chance to tell their stories publicly.

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