Author: Ashley Nelson


Today, Soroush Khanlou and I are launching a new app named Beacon, that we’re hoping everyone in San Jose for WWDC will find invaluable. Beacon allows you to signal availability to your friends, people you follow on Twitter that also follow you back. We

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Webstock 2017

In February, I spoke at Webstock, a conference that takes place in Wellington, New Zealand. Video from my talk is now available.

I spent two weeks in New Zealand and loved every minute. I'd heard New Zealand is a lovely country - "Have you seen

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Thanks Mom!

I started thinking about the history of my first PC recently while reading Fire in the Valley, a book on the history of the PC revolution.

On Christmas in 1995, I unwrapped a shiny new IBM Aptiva. Much to my delight, my mom had gifted

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Fixing AVPlayer Playback Transparency

I fixed a bug in a client's iOS app that I want to share, particularly because I couldn't find a write-up or solution during my research into the root cause of the problem.

The bug occurred during video playback. Each time the user tapped play,

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Hidden Figures

The movie Hidden Figures hits select theaters on Christmas Day. It tells the story of African-American mathematicians Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, who worked at NASA in the 1960s. Their work helped John Glenn become the first American astronaut to make a complete

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