Thanks Mom!

I started thinking about the history of my first PC recently while reading Fire in the Valley, a book on the history of the PC revolution.

On Christmas in 1995, I unwrapped a shiny new IBM Aptiva. Much to my delight, my mom had gifted me my first PC.

Each time I've thought about my mom making this purchase, it's been thru the lens of someone looking back in time. Reading Fire in the Valley reminded me that I'd never before put myself in my mom's perspective and thought about her making the decision within the context of being a parent without a technical background in 1995.

So, I asked my mom about the purchase. And since it's 2016, I asked over text message. Below is our conversation:


...And this is where we end.

To bring this story full circle, this year for Christmas I bought my mom her first MacBook Pro.

Thanks mom!


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