On Apple & Software Quality

This week, a number of smart tech bloggers have been pontificating on the state of Apple's software quality. Respectfully, I'm not worried...yet. I'm betting the fix is already in place.

As a developer on Apple's platform, I know a ton of smart people work at the mothership1, so I'm betting these incredibly intelligent people have already noticed the problem and moved to make the proper adjustments. I think what we likely can't see from the outside are the projects that have already been cancelled to allocate resources for bugs.

Expressing concern for the platform is healthy; it means that we care. Personally, I won't be jumping to hyperbolic sentiments or joining in on the sense of foreboding doom wafting through the public discourse. I forgave iOS 7 because I understood the incredible amount of work accomplished to pivot the platform in just six months. So for me, iOS 8 is my first real opportunity to be concerned about the state of the platform, and not evidence of a pattern of issues. I'll be justifiably concerned and worried if the same software quality issues are being discussed in 10.11 and iOS 9. Until then, I'm willing to give Apple the time necessary to let their plans propagate. 

I'll be checking back in another six months, during WWDC.

1. and thus far I haven't seen evidence to the contrary ↩︎

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