Ashley Nelson

CocoaConf Yosemite 2017

This talk was not recorded.

Webstock 2017

Strange Loop 2016

360iDev 2016

This talk was not recorded.

UIKonf 2016

NSSpain 2015

AltConf 2015

Layers 2015

CocoaConf Austin 2015

This talk was not recorded.

NSNorth 2015

YaC 2014

MacBreak Weekly #462

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of recording an episode of the MacBreak Weekly show on TWIT, along with stand-in host Rene Ritchie and fellow panelists Serenity Caldwell and Andy Inahtko. You can find the episode online here.

As Rene mentions in the episode,

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Being Effective

Last week I participated on a panel at a Code2040 event about how to be an effective engineer. The audience was a group of engineering interns working in the Bay Area for the summer.

Evaluating the effectiveness of an engineer is a subjective process that

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Debug WWDC 2015 Roundtable

During WWDC I participated in a roundtable discussion on the Debug podcast, along with Don Melton, Matt Drance, Marco Arment, and co-hosts Rene Ritchie and Guy English. We covered the keynote and recent developer announcements from the week.

Special thank you to Marco for supplying

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Two Things

First, my interview on the of10Podcast was published this past week on my birthday.

Second, my favorite week of the year has finally arrived! I'll be presenting my "Humanities x Technology" talk at two conferences running parallel to WWDC. On Tuesday, my talk is at

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Apple Watch Superlatives

I've had a 38mm Apple Watch Sport with a blue wrist band for about a week now, so naturally it's time to hand out superlative awards for its most notable moments:

Most Delightful Experience

The packaging. Apple did a phenomenal job with making the experience

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