Since Dropbox

When I left Dropbox, I said I wanted to focus on building products from scratch. That desire hasn't changed, but my anticipated venue has. Startups pivot. Business models and priorities change quickly, seemingly overnight. When paths diverge and there are two different goals, it doesn't make sense to move forward just for the sake of appearances.

Right now, I'm remote contracting for the first time in my career. I like the freedom of managing my own schedule, and making sure I fit in time for the gym and reading. Most of all, I'm enjoying ramping up on Swift by working on apps with real deadlines. If you need a contract iOS engineer, please reach out.

The most exciting news I have to share is that I'm in the beginning stages of a new project with a very talented designer friend of mine. We've been interested in working together for a while and the timing is perfect. As the project matures, I look forward to charting our technical progress on this blog.

The biggest lesson I've learned since leaving Dropbox is that I don't need to wait until I gain this or that experience, I'm ready to start my own venture right now.

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