Ashley Nelson-Hornstein

Debug Interview

Earlier this month I was interviewed by Guy English and Rene Ritchie, hosts of the Debug podcast. We discussed: Sound Off, the tech tinkering I did as a kid, how that led to a job at Apple, and being a developer in Apple's ecosystem who

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Live Captioning

Last week I returned home from UIKonf, a conference I spoke at in Berlin, Germany. UIKonf is the first conference I've attended that provided live captioning for physically present attendees. In this context, live captioning meant that a large TV screen was on the side

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On Confidence

This article was originally published in Model View Culture's 2015 Quarterly No. 3

I recently participated in a panel on how to be an effective engineer for Code2040, a nonprofit organization striving to close the achievement gap by providing pathways for minorities to have successful

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Joining Sound Off

I joined the Board of Directors for Sound Off, a non-profit (paperwork pending) I've mentioned before. I love that Sound Off works to increase the access marginalized people in tech have to professional opportunities. It's a natural fit for my interests and something I'm just

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Since Dropbox

When I left Dropbox, I said I wanted to focus on building products from scratch. That desire hasn't changed, but my anticipated venue has. Startups pivot. Business models and priorities change quickly, seemingly overnight. When paths diverge and there are two different goals, it doesn't

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