Ashley Nelson

CocoaConf Yosemite 2017

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Webstock 2017

Strange Loop 2016

360iDev 2016

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UIKonf 2016

NSSpain 2015

AltConf 2015

Layers 2015

CocoaConf Austin 2015

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NSNorth 2015

YaC 2014

Joining Sound Off

I joined the Board of Directors for Sound Off, a non-profit (paperwork pending) I've mentioned before. I love that Sound Off works to increase the access marginalized people in tech have to professional opportunities. It's a natural fit for my interests and something I'm just

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Since Dropbox

When I left Dropbox, I said I wanted to focus on building products from scratch. That desire hasn't changed, but my anticipated venue has. Startups pivot. Business models and priorities change quickly, seemingly overnight. When paths diverge and there are two different goals, it doesn't

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Becoming Steve Jobs

Late last year I finished reading Becoming Steve Jobs, the unauthorized biography of Steve Jobs, written by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli. For those keeping track of Jobs biographies, this was the book publicly endorsed by current Apple leadership, with input from Jobs' widow, Laurene

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I recently shattered the screen of my iPhone 6S. Since then, every Apple fan I've spoken with has asked me if I have AppleCare+, and each has given me the same pitying look of sympathy when I say no. "You should really get that," they

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Leaving Dropbox

Today is my last day at Dropbox.

I joined Dropbox two years ago. At the time, it was incredibly important to me to find the right culture fit. I wanted a team that had women engineers and fostered a collaborative, friendly environment. I’d recently

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